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As the economy continues to expand, public sector employers find themselves locked in a fierce and prolonged war for talent.

Due to historically low unemployment rates and the longest period of economic expansion in US history, employers are falling over themselves to attract and retain valuable talent. This applies to all industries, but public sector HR teams have had a particularly difficult time staying competitive. 

  • Politics and processes make it difficult to justify budget increases aimed at attracting and retaining talent. 

  • The “silver tsunami” of retiring baby boomers disproportionately impacts the public sector. 

  • The culture and pace of government work often fails to attract younger workers with certain skill sets. 

And, great employee benefits are now table stakes 

Once a bastion of rich benefits like great health insurance, pension programs, dental coverage and more, governmental organizations now find themselves on an even footing with private sector employers who offer equally attractive benefits packages.  

To help the public sector better leverage their benefits programs, we have compiled seven of the most common HR priorities governmental organizations pursue to compete in a tight labor market.  

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