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Annual Enrollment BootCamp

We’re rolling full-speed ahead into the fall, and that can only mean one thing (no, not pumpkin spice season): Annual Enrollment. There’s no crash diet to get you and your team ready – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. However, there’s always room for one last prep session to make sure you’re in top “benefitness” shape when enrollment starts.

Businessolver is back to help you again this year with our Annual Enrollment Boot Camp – with all new expert “trainers” and benefits strategies to strengthen your AE preparation and make enrollment season more successful. View this one-hour on-demand session to learn:

  • Proven communication techniques to engage and educate employees – including social media and mobile strategies.
  • Proactive compliance tips to keep you ready for whatever Congress or the IRS throw at you.
  • A checklist to keep your team and your vendor partners pulling in the same direction toward the AE finish line.

Watch the webinar!