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You've gone through the RFP process and chosen a new vendor. Now What?

How do you prevent this new and exciting relationship from becoming a stale and classic rebound? With everything you have on your plate, managing a new vendor relationship – and ensuring it’s a successful one – can be a daunting task. But taking the time at the outset to make a plan for onboarding is crucial to ensuring a positive experience for your leadership and employees.

Learn how to best onboard and nurture new partnerships with this brand-new guide from Businessolver. This guide includes:

  • Potential challenges of onboarding a new vendor
  • A high-level overview of quality management best practices
  • How to define a successful relationship
  • 5 tips for establishing and managing your relationship
  • A best-practices approach to onboarding new vendors to your C-suite
  • And more!

This guide is a must-read for any HR professional who is onboarding new vendors, or who needs a refresher in best practices for relationship management.

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