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E-BOOK How to Avoid Becoming a Security Breach Headline

By working with your IT department and senior leaders, HR professionals like you can help keep your company safe from some of the most dangerous criminals out there.

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INFOGRAPHIC Empathy Highlights Across America

Our data shows that 85% of employees believe empathy in the workplace is undervalued, and fewer than half believe their own organization is empathetic. However, 92% would stay with an empathetic employer, 77% would work longer hours, and 60% would take less pay to have empathy at work.

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CASE STUDY Benefits Technology Helps State Solve Challenges of Full-positive Enrollment

In May, a state government with 30,000-plus employees chose for the first time in nearly a decade to conduct a full-positive benefits enrollment. If an employee didn’t actively enroll, his or her coverage would be terminated.

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