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VISION |  June 23-24, 2022

If the Great Resignation is the disease, culture is the cure.

Originally from archery, the term “make your mark” references where an arrow hit the target. Although the last year or so may have been hit or miss for employers as they’ve navigated the pandemic and Great Resignation, we’re seeing HR/benefits leaders refocus their attention and energy toward hitting nothing but bullseyes to make their mark in 2022.

Businessolver invites you to join us at Vision 2022, where you'll gain inspiration and insight for how to Make Your Mark this year—on your team, your culture, your organization, and your career.

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Ways to Engage


May 27, 2022 

Join us for a special Mental Health Awareness Month takeover episode of Brews with Bruce, hosted by Rae Shanahan. Rae is joined by Tracee Rietz, a Solver who shares her personal experience with mental illness as a parent as well as her own self-care journey.


June 7, 2022

This session will introduce you to Quadrant Behavior Theory, an equation built on behavioral science that can yield data to help employers identify and develop willing allies to expand an organizational culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Session 3 starts early 2022

The 3rd Question is a video interview series, addressing obstacles, challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing public sector landscape. Catch up on all the episodes.



Join us as we discuss how to use benefits communication to maximize engagement and understanding among employees, while minimizing unnecessary spend from plan overuse or low benefits literacy.

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Client & Partner Events



Join us for an engaging conversation with industry experts on how to supercharge your existing mental health strategies through better communication and guidance, improving employee engagement and ultimately lowering costs.


June 14, 2022
Product Webinar


April - August 2022

As a current client of Businessolver, we invite you to level-up your Benefitsolver game this year by attending our virtual 2022 Client Workshop Series. 

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