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Webinar: Communication kaleidoscope: 7 Strategies to bring your benefits messages into focus

Research shows that a person needs to receive a message seven different times before it’s effectively retained. With that in mind, join us to gain seven strategies to help you expand your benefits communication calendar and engage employees in their benefits year-round – not just the two weeks during Annual Enrollment. Our expert panelists are career communicators who will answer once and for all that timeless benefits question: “How do we get our employees to pay attention?”

In this session, learn:

  • How to add personalization to your benefits messages that will draw employees in
  • Ways to engage spouses and other non-employee family members who make benefits decisions
  • Effective tools for using technology to engage employees in better benefits decision making
  • How to create a year-round communications calendar that gives messages time to resonate successfully
  • And more!

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Watch the webinar