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Webinar: The Art of Conducting an RFP

When you issue an RFP, you want results that will help you accurately evaluate benefits technology and services providers. Providers, meanwhile, are eager to showcase their strengths. Ultimately, both of you want to establish whether you’re a good fit for each other.

While you are looking for information from the service provider in terms of capabilities, there is also key information that must be provided to them – a common oversight in the RFP process and one that is necessary to ensure accuracy. Additionally, many of the most common questions used to evaluate benefits technology and service vendors are vague, impossible to answer honestly and/or are just a waste of your and the service provider’s valuable time.

This educational on-demand webinar will provide you with RFP tactics and insightful tips, a critique of the most commonly asked RFP questions, and suggestions on how to structure these questions to get more precise answers and an ultimately successful process.

The Art of Conducting an RFP

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