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Webinar: Cloud Schmoud: Can You Say Your Data's Safe?

Cloud vs SaaS, do you know the differences? The benefits administration market is facing new challenges that are leading them to understand more about technology to support benefits. Just the understanding of technology is difficult enough but understanding the difference between cloud-based, online or SaaS (i.e. Software as a Service) can be daunting. It’s important to know and understand the capabilities due to security risks of employee’s very confidential information. The more employers understand about integration capabilities, safeguard measures and remediation procedures, the better their knowledge and choice in technology vendors.

Join us for “Cloud Schmoud” that includes information to help you make an informed decision moving forward with cloud or SaaS technology. We’ll engagingly and interactively discuss the differences, go through the pros and cons, provide an overview of practical applications for each technology, and then offer examples of how cloud and SaaS function within benefits administration.

data secruity, cloud, saas, benefits administration

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