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Webinar: One Wallet: The Evolution of Decision Support to Holistic Recommendation Engine

Benefits administrators and technology companies have striven to make benefits selection a positive and engaging employee experience.  Solutions available have experienced a progressive change from being just a transactional procedure to a consumer-driven tool that administrators can utilize for employee engagement. The problem is that the current benefits selection process is disparate – core benefits are usually elected separate from voluntary, retirement, and other unique benefits. As a result of these disjointed benefits decisions, employees are many times surprised and overwhelmed at the total payroll deductions.

This webinar will focus on how benefits administration is not just about decision support but how this important tool can now take into account personal data to fully understand the employee’s current situation and help them make the best possible choice for them and their families.  We’ll discuss various types of recommendation engine engagement tools available, what works, what doesn’t and why, and how administrators can use the resulting data to plan for the future and to have a more positively engaged employee population.

One Wallet, decision support, recommendation engine
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