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webinar: master the rfp process and find the right benefits administration partner

Brokers and HR Managers, if you haven't conducted a Request for Proposal (RFP) before, it can be difficult to start. Mastering the RFP process can help start your relationship with your benefits administration partner on the right foot, provide a clearer understanding of benefits to your employees, and foster a happier workforce. A missed opportunity in an RFP submission could lead to headaches for you and your employees down the road. You deserve better!

Businessolver's Senior Vice President of Client Engagement Ronnie Bushnell and RFP365's co-founder Dave Hulsen have partnered with Employee Benefits News to bring you an information-packed webinar that will answer the question, "how can I master my RFP and find a benefits solution that works for us?" Ronnie and Dave can help you save time and wasted questions on your RFPs, instead dedicating that space to impactful questions that ensure you find a benefits partner that will help drive your organization forward. Ask the right questions, get the right responses, choose the right vendor.


Watch the webinar