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Webinar: How ACA Madness in March is Leading to a June Hangover

In order to comply with the Affordable Care Act, employers are now required – for the first time ever – to file reports about their employees’ health care coverage. The complexities of the reporting process are deep, which has caused much confusion across the industry.

Join us for an information-packed webinar and learn how to ensure your ACA reporting is a slam dunk. We’ll shed light on ACA reporting requirements and guide you through what to expect next.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Keeping your head in the game (Successfully closing out 2015 reporting)
  • Understanding priorities, navigating the process
  • Training for 2016 (When “good faith effort” isn’t enough)
  • How to work out the kinks and master the reporting process for next yea
  • Preparing for the long-term
  • From the impending “Cadillac Tax” to non-discrimination requirements, a look at the next big ACA provisions to have on your radar


Watch the webinar