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Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining traction, in everything from recruiting applications in HR to inventory management at big-box retailers. But, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for this rapidly evolving technology.

While 70% of CEOs and HR pros see AI as an empathy enabler, only half of employees agree. And, 70% of HR pros believe AI will result in job losses. At the same time, 82% of CEOs believe AI can help their organizations become more empathetic.

The proverbial barn door is already open on AI, but how does it perform, especially when it comes to benefits applications? Does it promote empathy, or does it dehumanize the process?

Download this e-book to learn how AI can be empathetic by:

  • Providing answers when and where people need them

  • Removing potential roadblocks

  • Recognizing and responding to the user’s emotional state

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