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Diversity increases organizational success. Can you afford not to embrace it?

The workforce is becoming more diverse and employers are looking to address the needs of different employees.

Demographic and social trends are shaping the composition of the workforce, and there’s more diversity than ever before.  

While some employers have focused on diversity and inclusion, others have fallen behind. But that will change as people expect programs, policies and benefits that are flexible and personalized to meet unique needs.

And, it’s more than simply the multigenerational workforce. Race, ethnicity, gender and other demographic factors are part of the equation.

By considering diversity now, employers can set themselves up for success.

Explore this e-book to learn about three components of diversity and the importance of offering benefits in these areas, among others:

  • Programs that support employees where they are in the life cycle

  • Time off that is flexible to meet varying needs

  • Compensation that is objective and based on merit 

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