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When organizations demonstrate empathy — the ability to understand the feelings of others — they gain a competitive advantage that extends to their workforce.

Empathetic employers are more likely to attract and retain employees, and their employees are willing to work harder. 

Want deeper insights and more key findings? In our e-book you'll learn:

  • Which benefits the multi-generational workforce considers most empathetic
  • What actions and behaviors CEOs, HR pros and employees think express empathy at work
  • How focusing on the holistic well-being of the workforce can drive empathy

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The numbers are staggering

Employees will work harder for an organization they believe is empathetic.

A tight job market, employees that are disengaged and stressed out, high turnover. Sound familiar? Empathy can help. Get more details about what CEOs, HR pros and employees think makes organizations stand out in our empathy e-book. 

  • The importance of addressing mental health
  • How diversity and inclusion provide an edge
  • Why flexibility and addressing work-life issues is key

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