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CEOs, HR pros, and employees all agree that empathy is a driver of business success.

But, while some organizations are moving the needle, others are struggling to connect the dots and reap the rewards of workplace empathy.

Read the executive summary for high-level insights about the findings of our fourth annual empathy study, including: 

  • Where an "Empathy Gap" exists between CEOs and employees
  • How empathy provides a solid foundation for employee loyalty and retention
  • The important link between empathy and employee well-being
  • What benefits and policies CEOs, HR pros, and employees feel are most empathetic

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The numbers are staggering

With strong workplace empathy, talent acquisition and retention gain traction.

CEOs, HR pros, and employees all agree that empathy is important at work, but there are also some differences. Get an overview of the state of empathy in our e-book. You'll learn:  

  • Where CEOs and employees diverge on how empathetic their organization is.
  • The importance of focusing on employees' holistic well-being.
  • Which types of benefits and policies demonstrate empathy.

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