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One of the unexpected impacts of COVID-19 has been employees putting off needed health care. In some cases, it’s been a deferral of care. In others, people are foregoing care entirely. Neither of these scenarios bring about good medicine.

The health and cost implications of not getting timely care are great. Postponed health care can contribute to poor outcomes, as people missed important screenings—like a mammography or colonoscopy—and may have lost time in getting an initial diagnosis and beginning treatment. For those already diagnosed with a disease or condition, ongoing care may have been interrupted.

The time to elevate employee benefits engagement and relieve the impact of deferred care is now.

Employers often do a great job of communicating with employees around choosing their benefits during annual enrollment but put less emphasis on supporting people as they use their benefits and seek care throughout the year.

This e-book provides three steps in managing the impact of deferred care among your employee base and ensuring employees get the care they need, when they need it, putting their benefits to work.

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