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In 2016, Businessolver began our journey in annually studying the state of empathy in the workplace, surveying US employees, HR professionals and CEOs for their input on this important value. 

In the first year, we fielded a pilot study intended to take the pulse of key stakeholders around workplace empathy. Since then, we have refined the study each year, adding questions about different aspects of empathy that specifically relate to the workplace.

This has enabled us to get a full picture of this important workplace value and uncover new insights to share with American employers.

Over the past five years, we’ve measured several indicators around key components of empathy in the workplace.

  • How important it is for organizations to demonstrate empathy.
  • How one’s own organization and leadership is perceived around empathy.
  • The extent to which employees, HR professionals and CEOs think empathy needs to evolve.
  • Whether people feel empathy can be learned.
  • The impact empathy has on the employment relationship.

In this e-book, we explore year-over-year results in each of these areas to offer a long-term perspective on the evolution of workplace empathy.

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