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Benefits compliance is more than a set of legal obligations; it presents HR professionals with an opportunity to protect those we serve.

As such, compliance belongs to everyone—leadership, business strategists, the legal team, product specialists, customer service associates and everyone in between. Benefits compliance is about doing your job right for all the right reasons.

While protecting the rights and privacy of employees and members in your benefits system is a shared responsibility across your organization and your vendors, HR and benefits professionals fill a special role in ensuring compliance. And, it all starts with knowing how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of health and welfare regulations at the state and federal levels.

This guide can help.

Each section includes a summary of the compliance item and why it matters, accompanied by details about how, when, and to whom notices must be distributed. To ensure you have the most up-to-date version of this guide, subscribe to the Businessolver blog to be notified of periodic and special updates.

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