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After decades of remaining buried beneath legalese and red tape, a federal mandate issued in late 2020 seeks to at last bring U.S. health care costs into the light of day.


Published jointly by three federal agencies, the final Transparency in Coverage Rule, aims to allow Americans to more accurately predict their health care costs by helping them find and filter care providers within their medical plan network and location, and even given their current accumulations toward their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

It’s personal. And it’s a game changer.

With effective dates staggered across a three-year period, the new regulation methodically peels back the curtain that has obscured the personal and macro-economics of health care for decades. And for benefits professionals, there’s never been a better opportunity to increase employees’ engagement in their health care and pharmacy benefits.

Read this e-book to learn:

  • Which 500 shoppable health care services and items are included in the regulation
  • What’s required during each stage of implementation until Jan. 1, 2024
  • How to positively impact your health care spend by helping your employees become better consumers

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