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Empathy can help save the day.

Over the past few years, organizations have increasingly embraced empathy as key to success in terms of employee productivity, engagement, retention and recruitment.

In our annual study of empathy as a workplace value, Businessolver has looked at the overall state of empathy while also focusing on areas where improvement was needed to help employers understand the shortfalls in order to better address them.

In our 2020 study, we looked at one area where employers were missing the mark—reskilling and professional development.

In fact, the study found 9 out of 10 employees, HR professionals and CEOs believe organizations that offer skills and professional development programs and invest in their employees are more empathetic.

However, despite almost unilateral agreement that career investment from employers is empathetic and contributes to organizational success, leaders and employees don’t seem to have the same experience in terms of what’s available for their own development.

Employees are four times more likely than CEOs to believe their employer doesn’t provide enough skills development: only 8% of CEOs believe this to be the case, compared with 34% of employees.

Now’s the time. This e-book provides insights on how to use reskilling and development to foster empathy within your organization.

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