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Virtual Workforce

Winning Remote Work: 3 Tips to Maintain Security, Productivity and Engagement


You didn’t have one before, but now you’ve got a virtual workforce.

Culture in a Virtual World


With the workforce going through a major disruption, our Chief Engagement Officer, Marcy Klipfel, describes how to keep culture alive with a virtual environment.

Technology and Security for Remote Employees


Ryan Keehn, our security expert, provides technology and security tips for HR teams moving to a partial or full virtual workforce.

3 Out of the Box Employee Engagement Tips for a Remote Workforce


COVID-19 has transformed many workplaces into ghost towns as employees across the country settle into the “new normal” of working from home.

The New Normal: How to Manage a Remote Workforce


Across the country, people leaders are being asked to brave new territory and manage a remote workforce, something they—and their teams—may never have done before.

Keep Calm and Work Remote – 5 Tips to Support a Remote Workforce


As COVID-19 disrupts both our personal and professional lives, many companies are doing their part to flatten the curve and contain the spread by encouraging their employees to work from home.

Partnership with EVERFI


Carrie Clogg, Foundation Director at Businessolver, discusses our partnership with EVERFI, a free online learning platform for kids to use at home.

Featured Video

Culture in a Virtual World
With the workforce going through a major disruption, our Chief Engagement Officer, Marcy Klipfel, describes how to keep culture alive with a virtual environment.

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Benefits Considerations

Guidance for COBRA and Special Enrollment Extensions


Bruce Gillis, our compliance expert, walks you through the latest DOL ruling regarding extensions due to COVID-19.

How Private Exchanges and ICHRAs Could Help Part-Time or Temp Workers


While record numbers of Americans are losing their jobs, some sectors are scrambling to hire.

Outside-the-Box Benefits


MyChoice Accounts advisor and Consumer Accounts expert, Jim Lynch, discusses a variety of unique benefits that could be implemented to help your employees through this challenging time.



Find out why telemedicine is so important in fighting COVID-19.

Advantages of Telemedicine


Bruce Gillis gives a brief overview on the advantages of telemedicine in our current climate

Changing Regulations for Telemedicine


Bruce Gillis, Businessolver's resident compliance expert, provides you with the latest updates on telemedicine regulations surrounding COVID-19

Maximizing Consumer Accounts during COVID-19


On Friday, March 27, the federal government passed the “CARES” Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act). This act provided relief and guidance in many forms to individuals and organizations. 

Using Different Avenues: Communicating Benefits During COVID-19 Crisis


Some industries are suffering and implementing layoffs while others are scrambling to add employees in the face of new, unplanned-for demands.

Telemedicine in a Pandemic World


While many have heralded the convenience, some states and health plans have been slow to get behind this evolving healthcare tool. 

Dependent Care: Managing benefits for changing times


Help your employees manage their dependent care needs and take advantage of existing programs during this challenging period. 

Empathy at Work: Mandates & Margaritas


View the webinar to learn about important compliance considerations and how this change will impact your administrative process. 

Offboarding with Empathy

There Are Options for High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare Coverage


As a result of the coronavirus crisis, Americans are losing their jobs in record numbers. And, when jobs are lost, benefits also end.

Offboarding with Empathy – Navigating a Difficult Situation


With the news changing so quickly every day, every hour even, we decided to start a discussion-based webinar series that tackles the latest topics and questions you may be having in in these trying times.

Options for Benefits Continuation


Sherri Bockhorst, SVP of Innovation and Strategy, reviews offboarding scenarios to help your employees find the softest landing during this difficult period.

Helping You Navigate a Difficult Situation

Q&A Session Recording

Grab that much needed cup of coffee and let’s candidly talk about ways you can best support your employees with the level of empathy they need.

Transitioning with Empathy: Post-Employment Benefits Options


Across the country, organizations are contracting and shedding employees. Many of those impacted are younger, lower-wage workers without the financial resources to continue coverage with COBRA.

With COBRA Subsidies, Consider this Potential Downside


Some employers are helping people solve for their short-term need for healthcare coverage by subsidizing all or part of the cost of COBRA continuation coverage.

Navigating Offboarding Challenges


We want to do our very best to support you, answer any questions you have and give you meaningful tips to help you navigate difficult situations such as offboarding.

Wellness and Financial Stability

Stress Management and Mental Well-being During COVID-19


Tracey Orman, Onsite Wellness and Fitness Administrator, provides steps to help reduce stress and improve mental well-being. 

Stress Management Using Activity during COVID-19


Tracey Orman, Onsite Wellness and Fitness Administrator, provides guidance for reducing stress using activity. 

Nutrition Tips for a Changing World


Raise your hand if you've dusted off your baking tools, managed to get your hands on some yeast and tried your hand at baking while in quarantine? 

The Economic Whiplash of 2020: Supporting Employee Financial Well-Being in the New Normal


Just a few short months ago, companies couldn’t find enough employees.

Staying Fit at Home


Our wellness expert, Tracey Orman, provides creative tips for incorporating exercise into your everyday routine from home.

Philanthropy in Times of Crisis


Carrie Clogg, the director of the Businessolver Foundation, discusses creative ways you can make a difference for your local non-profits.

Nutrition in the Changing Workplace


Businessolver's onsite wellness administrator, Tracey Orman, provides nutritional guidance for those who are spending more time at home than ever before.

Best Practices on Giving Back During a Crisis


In this time of crisis and great uncertainty, many people want to know how to give back to those in need.

Taking Your Employees’ Pulse on Financial Well-Being

White Paper

Seven Tips to Find Solutions that Meet Their Needs

No Superpowers Required


How HR Heroes Can Help Employees’ Finances

Working From Home Can be a Pain in the Neck, Back and Arms: How to Help Employees Stay Safe


Before the pandemic, remote work was becoming increasingly popular, with more employers offering the flexibility for certain workers to telecommute at least part of the time.


Empathetic Communication With Your Employees


Mike Shepherd, Businessolver's resident employee engagement expert, provides tips on communicating to your workforce during this unprecedented time.

6 Things to Remember as You Engage Employees in Stressful Times


We are all facing unknowns—as employers, as employees and as individuals with loved ones.

Ensuring Key Communications are Heard and Understood

Q&A Session Recording

It seems like everything is on hyperdrive with the challenges and uncertainty we're facing these days. Emails, tweets, news updates, texts. Important communications could fall through the cracks. 

Benefitsolver & Sofia Interaction


Demonstration on how to show COVID-19 resources in Benefitsolver and example Sofia interaction.

How AI can support your employees during COVID-19


The level of collaboration that is taking place between various industries is staggering. 

Technology with Purpose – How Innovation Can Help Deliver Stellar Service


One of the great challenges for us a technology provider was figuring out how to adapt to this new normal.

Empathy Imperative: How to Keep Empathy Top of Mind During a Crisis


As global citizens, we’re united in our resolve to see the other side of this pandemic, but it’s also becoming increasingly clear that each individual faces their own unique challenges in crafting a new lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Keeping Healthy in an Outbreak and Beyond


Practicing healthy habits is essential to not getting sick in a pandemic or otherwise.