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In the best of times, benefits administration for pooled groups—including trusts and associations—is complex.


These days, that complexity is amplified by a disrupted economy, a rapidly evolving workforce, and a general sense of uncertainty among employers. Now more than ever, groups are forced into innovating and need to focus on several key areas in order to maintain a high level of service while preserving the health of their pool.

Given these current challenges, discover from industry experts best practices and cost efficiencies around these areas, and how the right technology factors in to provide the right support, in the right place, at the right time, and ultimately achieve greater stability and success.

During this virtual event you will learn:

  • What critical trends and focus areas pooled groups need to be aware of during this complex time

  • What steps pooled groups need to take in order to adapt and innovate

  • Insights from your peers on how they have pivoted with confidence despite uncertainty

  • Which questions to ask as you look at technology to support your new strategy


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September 24, 2020