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Financial feelings: what hr needs to know about employees & money

An overwhelming number of Americans say concerns about finances aren’t just impacting their personal quality of life – these worries are starting to impact their performance at work, as well.

Increasingly, employees are looking to their employers and benefits providers to help them manage finances. They view their benefits as an integral part of their day-to-day expenses and a potential safety net from financial hardship associated with accidents. Yet, many times, HR is unsure of how to talk to their employees about the financial component of benefits.

Download this guide today to learn about the impact financial concerns have on employees and discuss reasons how a one wallet approach can be a helpful tool for HR. This guide includes:

  • An overview of how finances can impact personal health – and work performance
  • Insights on why HR needs to care about employee financial health and wellness
  • A primer on what a one wallet approach to finances means to HR
  • A checklist of what to look for in a decision support tool