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Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of giving, Businessolver is issuing a Holiday Stock Up Challenge. We’re encouraging everyone with an FSA to stock up for their households on eligible items and make sure you don’t forfeit those FSA funds. Meanwhile, it got us thinking that non-profits like shelters, resource centers, pantries and more are experiencing a shortage of personal care items this year too, with increased demand on their services during the pandemic.

You or your company can consider donating medical items to local non-profits or use our non-profit directory to support a deserving group.

Use a challenge kit for your company or yourself to get the word out!


Don’t let your FSA employees forfeit FSA funds this year.

Please initiate your effort by December 15 to give employees time to STOCK UP.


Company-Wide Challenge Kit


Individual Challenge Kit
  • Review Businessolver non-profit agency directory
  • Spend down your own FSA for your household and/or purchase medical items to donate.
  • Choose your non-profit recipient from our directory or a local organization.
  • Download and post a social media image to spread the cheer.

The FSA Store has thousands of eligible items, including first aid, cold and virus relief and at-home COVID tests. Start your stock up with this coupon code!



Sample medical items that non-profits can use:

  • First aid kits – large 
  • First aid kits – personal size 
  • Adhesive bandages 
  • Antibiotic cream/ointment 
  • Feminine Hygiene products: pads, tampons, liners 
  • Hot/cold packs 
  • Pain Relievers (OTC) 
  • Allergy Relievers (OTC) 
  • Heartburn Relievers (OTC) 

Types of non-profit agencies that need medical items: 

  • Domestic violence shelters 
  • Residential shelters for homeless or children 
  • Feminine hygiene support organizations 
  • Food/supply pantries 
  • Homelessness support organizations