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Benefits enrollment should be simple and easy, even when other situations in life are not. MyChoice Market is here to take one more thing off your plate as a benefits resource for any American who needs insurance. Remove the stress of finding coverage and let us help you navigate your options to find and choose, with confidence, the benefits that are right for you and your unique needs.

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I’m eligible for Medicare

Review your Medicare options to replace, add or supplement, so that you can get the coverage that best matches your healthcare needs. Let us make it easy.

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I need coverage for myself and/or my family

Find a health insurance plan or additional products like dental, vision, telemedicine, and more. Get peace of mind for all areas of your life.  

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MyChoice Market Provides


Easy access to comprehensive coverage options, including health insurance, vision, dental, and more
Free support network with our licensed Benefits Advisors to help you research, compare and select your best-fit plans
Affordable coverage options for every stage of life and lifestyle – ACA-compliant plans, Medicare plans and value-add products for your other health and personal life needs

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Medicare Advantage Plan
plan and you pay a single, sometimes lower, monthly premium. Advantage Plans typically require use of participating providers to get the full benefit, which can be limited to location. Some Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage; these are called Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan.
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Medigap Plan
This plan supplements Parts A and B, by paying costs that A and B don’t cover such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Unlike a Medicare Advantage plan, Medigap plans are accepted by most doctors and hospitals around the country, so it’s easier to receive care while traveling.
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Part D Supplement
Part D is a coverage specific to prescription drugs. You can purchase Part D to supplement other Medicare options.
Individual and Family Coverage
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These plans meet all the requirements of the ACA and offer comprehensive health insurance.
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Dental discount programs flexible to match the services you use
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A safe and secure virtual medical provider with a broad range of care, from urgent care to pediatrics and beyond. Supplement your health plan with telemedicine access.
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Long-term Care
Long Term Care, Short Term Care, and Life Insurance to help cover costs for assisted living, home care and more
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Legal coverage for counsel, legal documents, representation and in-network attorneys
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Other Medical Coverage
Minimum essential coverage to bridge your gap in coverage or hit an affordable monthly price.
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Full vision plans for exams and eyewear or an eyewear membership service with deep discounts
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Accident Insurance
Benefits to help cover ER visits, hospitalization, surgery and more
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Home & Auto
Coverage for your home, auto and other personal property
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Identity Theft
Coverage and ongoing support to protect you from identity theft and related expenses
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Coverage for vet visits, routine care and pet helpline