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2021 Baldrige Conference Highlights 

Businessolver CEO and Founder Jon Shanahan and Chief Strategy Officer Rae Shanahan presented at a conference in 2021 to help business leaders across the nation advance or begin their quality improvement efforts by leveraging the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.  

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Baldrige Prepares Tech Company for Uncharted Territory

Watch Rae’s presentation to learn how the Framework: 

  • Helped us build a strong employee onboarding process 
  • Facilitated some large pivots in the wake of the pandemic 
  • Helps us measure success and identify areas for improvement 

Baldrige Senior Leadership Panel


Baldrige Senior Leadership Panel Discussion

Watch Jon’s presentation to learn: 

  • Why Businessolver chose the Framework to support its rapid growth  
  • How the Framework has built workforce alignment around what quality looks like 
  • The successes and challenges Businessolver has seen since our journey began in 2016