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Seven opportunities for maximizing your benefits investment.

With as much as 43% of your total compensation budget attributed to benefits, ensuring you maximize that investment is more important than ever.

The rich benefits packages offered in the public sector are certainly one of the most important tools for attracting and retaining talent. But if you’re an HR pro working in government, you also face some unique challenges when it comes to administering those benefits. Unlike your counterparts in the private sector, you must:

  • Ensure your HR investments follow a predictable budget model

  • Address your constituency’s demand for cost-effectiveness

  • Be especially careful of data breaches

  • Fill positions due to a rapidly aging workforce

Even without these challenges, HR teams in the public sector have made a sizeable investment in their employees by providing competitive healthcare coverage, retirement funds and an ever-expanding assortment of voluntary benefits. In fact, benefits now account for 35% to 43% of governmental organizations’ overall compensation spend.

To ensure you maximize your benefits investment and address the challenges that are unique to your industry, you need to find the right benefits administration partner. This guide can help. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine your needs and budget

  • Mitigate risks inherent in benefits administration

  • Evaluate artificial intelligence functionality

  • Select decision support tools

  • Maximize employee engagement through benefits communication

  • Leverage consumer-directed accounts to support employee financial well-being

  • Introduce a total rewards platform to suit your needs

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