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Webinar: Selling Your Benefits Strategy to the C-suite

You’ve spent months planning for annual enrollment – from vetting the right vendors to building out an intricate execution strategy. Now it’s time to showcase your hard work and climb the last step needed to finalize your plan. It’s time to present to the board.

Listen to this informative and invigorating discussion that will help you prepare for this critical meeting and ensure you successfully sell your benefits strategy. During the webinar, we share –

  • How to prepare for a productive meeting
  • Tips for reviewing successes and discussing areas of improvement
  • Industry watch-outs to keep in mind
  • How to speak their language
  • Preparing a meeting talk track
  • Effective conversation styles to consider

We also share insights that can be used to engage the board throughout the year, including how to regularly gather their feedback about benefits, showcase your successes, and ultimately, develop a partnership. To learn more register for this complimentary webinar now.

Listen to insights from Rae Shanahan, Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer and Adam Waytz, Psychologist and Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Watch the webinar