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Each year, the federal and state governments seem to do their best to keep us on our toes. It's almost like a game of "Simon says."

The instructions are so fast-paced and complex, the only way to “win” is to listen to every word. From minor—yet consequential—changes on tax forms, to grand—yet unenforceable—initiatives, HR pros are left asking, “Which issues should I really pay attention to?”

Unfortunately, it’s not a game. Failure to stay on top of HR’s requirements can result in costly rework or even expensive fines. But paying attention to the wrong things can only produce heartburn and distract you from the many other responsibilities you have.

Watch this Dec. 10 webinar to learn which issues deserve your attention, including:

  • New individual coverage HRAs

  • State individual mandates

  • Surprise medical billing

  • Political and election activity

  • COBRA notice lawsuits

These topics and more are be featured in a rapid-fire discussion between Businessolver’s Compliance Lead Bruce Gillis, Seyfarth Shaw Partner Ben Conley and Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer Rae Shanahan.

Watch the Webinar