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In an economy where organizations and individuals increasingly seek stability, employee benefits matter.

To produce the desired business outcomes for their organization, today’s Human Resources department must become the strategic partner it was always meant to be: leading the organization toward its shared vision while mitigating risks associated with employee benefits.

With benefits contributing to 30% to 38% of an employee’s overall compensation and accounting for the largest deduction from their paycheck, maximizing the employer and employee investment is more critical than ever.

HR is the key owner and driver of that investment.

What today’s HR pros want, need and deserve is to gain a competitive advantage through something we call “Technology with Heart”—the combination of empathetically designed benefits technology and people that empowers HR to deliver key outcomes.

As the strategic role of human resources continues to grow, we invite you to discover how you can leverage employee benefits to deliver the outcomes your organization needs to achieve its goals. In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • Which HR trends to pay attention to as key drivers of the success (or failure) of your organization.

  • How HR teams have their work cut out for them when it comes to benefits engagement.

  • What HR professionals and CEOs think about today’s benefits administration technology and the industry in general.

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