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We've all heard the hubbub about big data for HR.

We've all witnessed the insurance industry's continuing move into the world of benefits enrollment and selection tools - including decision support, avatars, videos and election engines.

Yet most employee benefits selection and election tools fail to meet the expectations of employees and HR. WHY?

SIMPLE. Most benefits enrollment technology falls short of expectations because most of their engines are built by developers, consultants and technology companies that rely on false premises.

They believe in six myths that eventually lead them to fail HR – and the employees HR is responsible for. You can make better decisions about your benefits enrollment technology partner if you learn:

  • The six myths about benefit election engines

  • The truth that debunks each myth

  • How to banish each myth forever

Our eBook, "The Six Greatest Myths Surrounding Employee Decision Support Tools", will give an in-depth look at the myths and provide the truth about decision support tools and why the MyChoiceSMRecommendation Engine by Businessolver is the perfect balance for employees.