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Welcome to the Vision 2022 After Party!

Thank you to the nearly 1,500 HR professionals who joined us June 23 & 24 to MAKE YOUR MARK at Vision 2022. We hope that you enjoyed the insights from our gifted speakers and could feel our Solver Soul through your screens.

Did you miss the event, lose your WiFi during a session, want to share the event with a colleague—or just want to MAKE YOUR MARK all over again, from start to finish?

You’re in the right place! Welcome to the Vision 2022 After Party!

Click on the session tiles below to find recordings, presentations, and greenroom Q&A discussions with our speakers.

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Opening Remarks + Keynote:
Build an Unstoppable Culture with Ginger Hardage

Welcome to Vision 2022! Every workplace has a culture—for better or worse, it’s the lifeblood of an organization. For some it’s a culture of innovation; for others it’s fun. Some cultures are accidental, others intentional. Then, there are the Unstoppable Cultures—the ones that put people first, are nurtured through systems and consistency, and create enthusiastic and relentless ambassadors who tell their story.

Join Ginger Hardage, former Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines, as she details the characteristics of an unstoppable culture. Arrive with intention and leave with inspiration for making your mark for your organization’s culture.

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Refining Pre-Pandemic Culture for a
Post-Pandemic Workforce:

Keynote from Jon Shanahan

For nearly 25 years, maintaining an intentional culture has been essential to Businessolver’s success. So, stretching that culture from headquarters to home offices nationwide was a critical component in implementing our Workspace Anywhere initiative, launched in 2021 to allow Solvers to work in any location—home, office, or anywhere in between—that is productive for them.

Join Jon Shanahan, Businessolver CEO and President, to learn how Businessolver’s intentional culture—driven by a spirit toward innovation and unyielding commitment to employee engagement, equity, and well-being—expanded beyond eight worksites to encompass Workspace Anywhere in more than 40 states, all while posting higher engagement and lower attrition rates.

Infusing Empathy into the Definition of Benefits

Beyond Pay, Plans, and Perks: 
Infusing Empathy into the Definition of Benefits

There comes a point when higher wages and extra perks cannot purchase an employee's tenure. More money does not necessarily mean happier employees. So, what does retain talent? Culture.

Beyond retention, your organization’s culture is on display for every candidate navigating your recruiting process. Excellent culture shines through every process and reaches across all points in the employment journey. What connects all those points? Empathy.

Join Rae Shanahan, Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer, as she leads a panel to walk through data from Businessolver’s seventh annual State of Workplace Empathy Study and provide key insights for how to drive greater empathy in workplace culture across all stages in the employee lifecycle.

Making Mental Health a Central Part of Intentional Culture Icon

Distinguish Burnout from Boredom: 
Making Mental Health a Central Part of Intentional Culture

The consequences of employee burnout are playing out in real time as organizations grapple with the Great Resignation. However, another key contributor to this attrition is boredom.

Although burnout and boredom are not psychological conditions, they tend to be warning signs of underlying mental health struggles—which continue to affect many employees, even as the pandemic eases. And data shows that employees widely count mental health resources among the hallmarks of a supportive and empathetic culture.

Join a fireside chat led by Darius Clay, Head of Total Rewards at Businessolver, and featuring Jan Bruce, CEO at MeQuilibrium, for an intimate but in-depth discussion around what the warning signs look like, and how to connect employees with the right support at the right time.

DEI to Build an Inclusive Culture Icon

Double Down on DEI to Build an
Inclusive Culture

Diversity is crucial to success. More than a trending topic or a way to “move the needle,” prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives helps attract to top talent, ranks highly as empathetic among existing employees, and establishes value pillars that clients and partners can invest in.

However, from a benefits standpoint, the standard offerings most employees have come to expect still may not take into account people of all backgrounds. From expanded reproductive health options and coverage for gender-affirming medications and procedures to robust mental health offerings and safe spaces for traditionally marginalized employees, benefits strategies that address the whole individual set the foundation for DEI in the workplace.

Join Jamon Harrell, Businessolver Director of Client Onboarding and lead DEI champion, plus a panel of our clients and partners to discuss how to follow through on your organization’s DEI promise—including addressing LGBTQ+ needs, establishing pay equity, amplifying BIPOC voices, and identifying strategies to bring women back to the workforce.

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Keynote from Jade Simmons: 
The Smell of Breakthrough + The Solvies

A beautiful mixture of live music and motivation, keynote speaker Jade Simmons will broaden your definition of diversity, unlock dormant creativity, and help you find greater momentum to innovate work. Jade drives home the concept that diversity, leadership, and innovation are inseparable. This unique session will wrap up the day’s important discussions and excite you to transform your organization’s culture—and the workplace overall—for the better.

To finish, we’ll honor our 2022 Solvies award winners—HR/benefits professionals within our client family who exemplify our four pillar values: Perform, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back. We’ll celebrate them and toast you going forward to Make Your Mark on organizational culture in 2022!

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Closing Remarks: 
The Best of Vision 2022, A Recap + Prize Giveaways

If you missed any of the Vision sessions, you'll want to catch this recap and learn about all the great nuggets garnered from Vision's top sessions. We'll also be giving away some great prizes for the most engaged attendees throughout the conference - including a secret, to-be-announced mega-prize that you have to be present at this session to win.

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Meet our Pinnacle Partners!

Our Pinnacle Partners have the highest-level relationship with Businessolver to ensure that your workforce has the benefits they need when they need them. These best-in-class providers and carriers have been vetted by our team to guarantee quality products and services with secure integrations to support employees year-round with their benefits. Enjoy their 15-minute Vision breakout sessions where they share their unique thought-leadership and insights into how their technologies can help you build a better benefits strategy.

Voluntary Benefits
Take Your Benefit Offerings to the Next Level

With a diverse suite of voluntary benefits available through our Pinnacle Partners, you can empower your employees to get the most out of their benefits and round out your benefits strategy. 

Point Solutions
Bridge Gaps Left by Traditional Health Plans

Are your current health plans meeting all the needs of your employees? Help your employees get the specialty care they need at a price they can afford through our wide selection of point solution partners.

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Vision 2022 Achievements

Congratulations to our Solvies Winners

You’ve done the hard work, so now it’s time to celebrate. The competition was fierce, but we are proud to honor industry excellence at the second-annual Solvies for those within the Businessolver client family who exemplify our four pillar values: Perform, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back.

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