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Welcome to the Vision 2021 After Party!

THANK YOU to the nearly 1000 clients, HR leaders, consultants, and brokers who joined us May 6 & 7 to OWN IT at Vision 2021. We hope you enjoyed the insights from our gifted speakers and could feel our Solver Soul through your screens.

Did you miss the event, lose your WiFi during a session, want to share the event with a colleague—or just want to OWN IT all over again, from start to finish?

You’re in the right place! Welcome to the Vision 2021 After Party!

Click on the session tiles below to find recordings, presentations, greenroom Q&A discussions with our speakers, and content from the Vision Library for even more learning.

Kevin Oakes

Kickoff Keynote:
Own the Culture Renovation with Kevin Oakes

Demonstrating how an organization’s culture builds people up—employees, customers, clients, and communities—should be the new gold standard. This is change we desperately need, one organization at a time. Inside every organization, it begins with one leader who is determined to start a culture renovation. That leader is you. This is your time. OWN IT.
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Own Organization Inclusion: 
Eliminate Exclusion

Inclusion starts with our personal awareness of how we’re treating others. In addition to taking an inventory of our personal empathy, let’s address how to look at the organization in light of diversity, equity, and inclusion. What are our blind spots, and how can we address systemic equity issues from the boardroom and down the org chart?

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Own Mental Wellness: 
Hope for the Whole Employee

Continued isolation from the pandemic—from the workplace and friends and family—can lead to mental health challenges. What can employers do to offer awareness, education and support beyond an EAP 800 number? Our panel discusses how we can be separate but together, and best use the tools and technology available to create meaningful connections.
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Own Your Future: 
A Conversation Around Trending HR Topics

Our panel of HR & Benefits Leaders discuss trends they are following, data they are using, and benefits they’re looking to add—and subtract—from their organization’s offerings. Together, they forecast and discuss new and exciting ways to engage and support employees.
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Own the Vision:
Keynote from Businessolver CEO Jon Shanahan + OWN the Awesome: The Solvie Awards

2021 is the year for employers to OWN their benefits strategy and reclaim productivity and success. We are collectively focused on empathy, innovation and inclusion. Our CEO discusses how we’re bringing it all together. Then, it’s a star-studded, virtual red carpet event—the first-ever Solvie Awards, offering fun and special recognition for HR/benefits leaders who have gone above and beyond.
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Own the Innovation: 
Benefits Get Personalized

Unveiling our latest technology advancements and sharing trends of what is to come. Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” benefits. Personalized benefits are the future. How to engage, educate and activate programs for your employees. It’s time for HR to get personal, and team up with technology to connect employees with the right benefits exactly when they need them.
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Own the Marketing: 
Boost Your Benefits Signal

Are the days of the breakroom benefit fair over? Let’s learn some tricks and tips to leverage modern marketing techniques and technology to boost your benefits signal. Engage your employees wherever they are with the messages and information they need for better health and wealth.
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Own Learning from Others: 
LinkedIn's LiftUp! Program

This last year has put a strain on the way we all work and live. During this time, LinkedIn surveyed employees who expressed feelings of burnout, isolation, depression, struggles balancing work and family, and missing social interactions. In response, LinkedIn created LiftUp!, a series of initiatives designed to support employees and managers. Vice President of Global Talent Nina McQueen shares the objectives, strategy, and learnings of this innovative program.
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Own the Risk:
Transparency Rule and No Surprises

The end of 2020 brought two new pieces of legislation that have the capacity to change health care costs and increase health care consumerism. Our compliance panel covers the new Transparency Rule and the No Surprises Act and lets you know what you can do to get prepared.
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Own It: Closing Keynote with Carla Harris

Collect pearls of wisdom to help you maximize success where you are, and increase the odds of getting where you want to go. Harness the importance—and the power—of perceptions in the workplace, key relationships needed to ensure your success, and the role authenticity plays in being a powerful leader. People are our passion and the heart of our organizations. When we OWN IT, we make it easier for them to do their jobs successfully and stay healthy and well.
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